Thursday, December 13, 2012

My artist statement

            Most of the ideas that have inspired me to create my panel were to search or organic, aquatic, life forms but also try to create a unified theme within the overall composition. I was visually attracted to fish scales for my microcosm observation. For the Fibonacci sequence I’ve chosen the Mollusk shell and as my macrocosm section I’ve created a surrealism scenery involving focus mostly on making the objects in the image larger than the subjects themselves. I wanted to create an environment in which the subjects looked as if they traveled from a long distance to arrive to this whole new world  to create a fresh start. In the process of creating this piece I wanted to show the aesthetics of how beautiful the beach could look from a much smaller scale. The area of lights and dark value steer the viewer’s eye through the foreground, middle, and background while also showing the light source on each form and while everything is receding into space. On the other hand, I feel my work shows the symbolism of rebirth and prosperity by using the seashells which also relates to the narrative of the piece since the idea is to start anew. Some of the problems that occurred with the medium for the panels was to create a dramatic shift in between each color while using a monochromatic scale and at times the paint had to be remoisten. One of the main things I have enjoyed about this project was it allowed to me to be able to create an imaginative theme but also showing a sense of control by using actual organic pieces.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Final project finally complete!

I finally finished my master piece and it was a complete success, I really enjoyed working with the theme I had in mind and the project it self. I managed to show my work process & with the help of someone else as well :) I really enjoyed this project to end off the class with!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Homework #5

Kimberly Torres

                                                                      Design Basics

  1. The painting personal values by Rene Magritte shows Surrealism with size and proportions by showing different personal items within the space. The objects themselves are all have different sized proportions but will confuse the viewer at first glance because objects that are normally small in real life are portrayed large while others are shrunken. 
  2. The ideal geometry in a composition is like a ratio that give the "measurement" to an object in relation to something next to it. this measurement would follow the rules of the canon, which was also the perfect measurement for the ideal figure. An example of this would be the human figure which requires  the use of exact proportions.
  3. The Golden Rectangle or "Golden Mean" is a ratio between length and width but also the proportions could also be found in growth patterns in nature such as plants, a shell, and of the human body. This same thing can relate to the Fibonacci Sequence which is also be found in the golden mean, is a series of numbers which is the sum of the previous two.
  4. These three ideas combined is are the source of my final project which is panel the includes microcosm, macrocosm, and the Fibonacci Sequence. My inspiration for my panel was to have an aquatic theme but instead of using the typical fish and seaweed images depicted in this theme, i thought i'd use a seashells and a shoreline scenery. I wanted to play with the space and have it appear as thought its is a new found land that people have traveled to see it.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Scientific Surrealism Lanscape

The reference images that I've picked for the panel are things that were things from sea life and from the beach. The reason I've picked these images in particular because I imagined having a aquatic theme to my image but also including a mollusk since the from of the shell clears shows the Fibonacci sequence.

Completed Concept boards/Surrealism Landscape

Ive chosen color because besides liking color but also the references Ive chosen we images of art supplies ( color pencils ), watercolor experiments, and things within nature that contain color.
The principle Ive chosen was curvilinear and the images that have portrayed something with a curvilinear edge were mostly furniture and other abstract works of art.
The artist Ive chosen is Beatriz Milhazes and the images within the panel show her work including cutouts of her work and an experimental image of an image of her in bitmap mode.
My idea behind my surrealism landscape was to show a sense of depth perception with a vortex style  space.

As part of one of the few projects we were assigned to do, had to consist of creating four panels, three showing element, and artist, and a principle. The last panel was a surrealism landscape created in Photoshop by using images online and collaging them together to create one whole image.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Painting in grayscale. . .

So last Thursday in the studio, we were given an assignment to find an interesting shape and do a grayscale painting from it by zooming in to the image and abstracting it. The object I chose we're antique gold bangles that I was wearing that day. I thought it'll be a good idea to use them because they since they were embellished, they had already contained some existing shapes to work with. The image shows Professor Ujiie explaining/demonstrating how would have to create this.

Our Collage Assignment

So yesterday in class we did a informal critique on our collage panels, and the concept behind these was to show asymmetrical grid balance with a focal point, symmetrical gird balance, radial balance, and biomorphic image or self-portrait by using ripped pieces of magazine paper. What was interesting about this assignment was that it was challenge to try to show two different type of grid balances without ever having seen and example of this before. When seeing everyone else's work on the wall really motivated me to want to improve more on mine. I really loved Stacey's and Sam's self-portrait collage because they really created a likeness of themselves with the collaging technique.